A Bunny Pillow Finish

Just In Time for easter

I have a lovely finish to show you today. These little bunnies are so adorable, so I decided to make a pillow to match The Littlest Bunny Quilt I made some time back. This fabric just speaks to me with its low volume goodness. The fabrics for this quilt and pillow were so easy to pick out, so many different fabric lines matched, so whatever I had I put in there. There are at least 25 different fabrics.

This is a 12×16  pillow cover. I had to play with the placement of the geese blocks to get them to look right but in the end I love where I put them!



I went a little crazy and took a million photos and couldn’t decide what to leave out. So this post is full of a few more photos then usual, I’m sure you won’t mind.

Happy Easter everyone.

Go Create Something Quilty,



This is the 2nd finish for the FAL Q2

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A Modern Plus Quilted Pillow

Text Prints are the Best

I love the look of text prints. I love putting them randomly in my quilts. I especially like it when they aren’t always right side up. So sometimes I quilt them upside down! So much fun to play with.  Continue reading

White, Gold and Mint Triangle Quilt: A Finished Quilt


A Lovely Finish & a Pat on the Back

Well it’s done! I think I said it would be done several weeks ago… oops! Oh well, it’s done now! And it is really lovely! When you buy fabric and put them together you are never sure how it will come out. As a quilter, we take risks that the money we spend on materials will be worth it and that we will love the finished quilt. This is one of those moments when I look at the finished product and think, ‘Wow, I did a great job!’ Continue reading

Mint and Gold Triangle Quilt: Work In Progress

WIP Mint, Gold, & White Triangle QuiltWork In Progress Wednesday: Mint and Gold Triangle Quilt

For those of you who don’t know, I am obsessed with triangle quilts! LOVE them! I have made more triangle quilts then anything else in my quilting career. Most of the time I take a few colors and arrange them evenly on the front of the quilt. This one went in a slightly different direction. Continue reading

The Littlest Bunny Baby Quilt- A Finished Quilt

The Littlest Bunny Baby Quilt- A Finished Quilt

Littlest Bunny Quilt

Littlest Bunny Quilt

When I saw this fabric I knew it would be a perfect baby quilt. I was right, it is absolutely adorable. Art Gallery Fabric has done it again with this line of fabric.

I had to think of cute and unique design for this one. Something that highlights the cute bunnies on the fabric. Continue reading