My Studio

Sunshine Kwilts Studio, Create

Sunshine Kwilts Studio, Create

Since moving this past fall I now have a studio. It is wonderful! All of my fabrics are contained to one room! No more “stuff” as my husband says, scattered throughout the house! I love every inch of it, from the antique buttons to the modern fabrics all tucked away in my drawers (and everywhere else I can hide it).

I love fabric! According to my husband I have too much. I’m not sure I ever could. Wait, is that even possible?  If I see something I love I buy it. I will always find some perfect quilt for it!

My Awesome Husband

My Awesome Husband

Not long after moving, my husband surprised me with a new sewing machine. Yep, he is that awesome! He bought me a new Brother machine that also does embroidery. It’s very new to me but I love it. I look at my old Janome and wonder how I every quilted a queen size quilt on it! It has now been passed down to my youngest daughter as she learns how to sew and is working on making her first quilt.

Sewing Notions

I love going to the flea market and finding antique sewing notions. Sewing machine, scissors, tape measures, and three old irons decorate my studio shelves. When I look at these relics I can’t help but think of what it would be like to quilt without my modern comforts. Then I look at my Singer circa1910 sewing machine and I cringe thinking about how long it must take to thread.

Singer Sewing Machine

I know how lucky we are to have all of our modern sewing gadgets! Surrounding myself with these antiques reminds me that if they could do it with these tools then I can certainly create something amazing with the ones I have!

My studio inspires me to create! My space makes me happy!

Go Create Something Amazing,



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