6 Scrap Busting Projects At Once

Scrappy Love

In honor of Scraptastic Tuesday I thought I would show you my six new scrappy projects. I have been organizing and sorting my scraps, which has made me want to play with them and use them up. When I did my owl hexagon quilt it didn’t even make a dent in the amount I have. So as I sort I am either sewing them together or ironing on a template for EPP.

My first project is my confetti quilt. I have so many irregular scraps from my triangle quilts that I needed something to use these little pieces up. My scraps are all different sizes so I am going to add a border to these and sew them together. I am trying to only make it out of scraps & no stash fabrics, that way I can use up more.



My second project came into my mind because Easter is only days away. And I felt like working on something that reminds me of Spring. I have so many scraps left of the littlest bunny fabric, but they are very small and barely useable. so I am cutting them up and making them into my favorite shape, hexagons! I’m not going to lie I cannot get enough of the words on these Hexi’s, so adorable.

My third scrapbuster project is a rainbow hexagon quilt. I love bright colors and so I have bright beautiful scraps which are now becoming a hexagon rainbow. I am toying with the idea of making each hexagon a different fabric and having no repeats in the whole quilt. And yes, I do have that many scraps that I think I could pull it off! These are tiny 1/2 inch hexi’s.

And on to number four, which is my navy blue and fuchsia hexagons. Still no clue what I’m doing with these. This one is growing fast. I seem to be concentrating on this the most. It’s fun for me to see all of my pink  blue scraps disappear. I want to do some swirl quilt pattern with these. I know I will be playing with them on the plane to New York this weekend.



My number 5 is actually the cutest little plus signs. It is so great to get rid of strips of scraps that are 1 1/2 inches wide.

And last but not least is my number 6. It is a second version of Sadie’s quilt. Obviously this will be different from the last because of the scraps I have. But it will echo the same colors just different fabrics.


I would love to throw a log cabin in there but I’m thinking that might be too much, so I’ll just stick with these for now. As soon as I’m done organizing all  my scraps I will show you my method for keeping my fabric “collecting” under control!

Go Create Something Quilty,



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5 thoughts on “6 Scrap Busting Projects At Once

  1. Nicky Eglinton says:

    The honour is ours – what beautiful scrappy projects you have – surely all of them will help keep your scraps under control! I do believe you love a hexagon….! And a log cabin will be a fun project to follow. Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday


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