Riley’s Finished Quilt

a very long time in the making

This one has been a work in progress for a little over a year to be exact! But the important thing was that I get it done for her birthday, and I did! Sometimes you just need motivation of a deadline to get things done. I have found I work a lot better with one, I seem to stay on task better.

So this long journey began when Riley’s Dad asking me to make her a Cinderella Quilt. Riley’s mom then decided to change it up and do a quilt with Kate Spain Canyon fabric. After some back and forth she finally decided on the colors and design of the quilt. I happily started working on it, then took several months off when custom orders and family  got in the way. Wow, they certainly are good friends to wait it out!

The backing and binding is Kate Spain Canyon Fabric I absolutely adore! The Fuchsia and aqua are perfect together. The Fuchsia just pops out and I love that look. I did my normal scrappy, random placement of the colors.

This one is a twin size. I forgot how hard the bigger quilts are to do on my home machine! I took over the kitchen table for more room and my husband could not understand why I was using  our kitchen table when I have a whole studio to quilt. Oh how he makes me laugh…

Riley wrapped up in her new quilt.

Go Create Something Quilty,



This is the 1st finish of FAL Q2

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