FAL-Quarter 1 Finishes and Review

I’m happy with six

It may have been more if I staying focused but 6 is good. It is more than the last time I participated in the FAL.  I do feel that if I pick out the most important ones to finish and list just those I have a better chance of getting them done! If I actually posted all my WIP’s I would look like a crazy quilt lady!

These are the ones that got done in the 3 months of Quarter 1.

#1. Zig Zag Pillow- Finished 1-13-17






#2 Hexagon Jewel Quilts-finished 1-20-2017

Lovely quilts I made for Mia & Finley


#3 Fabulous Fox Quilt- Finished 1-28-2017

Used and loved by Faith everyday

 #4 Voltron-Finished 2-4-2017




 #5 scrappy Selvage Pillow- Finished 2-17-2017















#6 american Flag Quilt-finished 3-24-2017

A quilt for my son Cole










And that is all my finishes for the last few months. Now my number is 6… Let’s see if I can beat that!

Go Create Something Amazing,



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