Starting a Few New Projects: WIP

Sunshine Kwilts

I Gave In To My Creativity

It has been absolutely crazy around here.  I started a new scrappy project. Ordered and received fabric for my new nephew’s quilt.  Then I worked on a custom order from my ETSY shop.  And to top it off I sorted my scraps AND cleaned my quilting studio.  How is that for a week?  It was pretty exhausting!

Nothing better than a stack of fabric

Nothing better than a stack of fabric

I really shouldn’t have started a new project but I couldn’t help myself.  There I was sorting my scraps, looking at all these itsy bitsy pieces.  I had to put a few together, I just couldn’t help myself.  Sometimes you have to do it just to get that creativity out of your system!  Then get back to the quilts that have to get done.

Scrappy HST Quilt

Scrappy HST Quilt

I’m feeling like I got so much accomplished and yet so much to do!  I’m going to keep plugging away on these projects this week and see if I can finish up at least one…two if I’m lucky.

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