Voltron: A Finished Quilt for my Husband

Voltron Quilt

The Most important quilt I’ve ever made

That about sums up how I feel about this Voltron quilt.  Kevin has [not] been patiently waiting for almost five years for this quilt.  It started with something he had sketched out saying how it would be a great quilt.  And me giving him the look.  You know the one that says you’re crazy.  I had been quilting for a long time but I don’t venture past my comfort zone very often.  This time I did, for him.  No pattern just me making it up as I go.

Hand Applique Crown and Cross

Hand Applique Crown and Cross

Why is it the most important quilt I have ever made?  This was my breakthrough quilt. This was the quilt that helped me think outside the box.  The idea of making up a pattern or just figuring it out as I go is very intimidating to me. This Voltron quilt took me to a new level of thinking and planning.  And also challenged the way I did things. Remembering my favorite saying, ” Do one thing that scares you everyday, ”  I jumped right in. My only comfort is that I could always just start over, right?

One of my favorite things about this quilt is the different color lines on the outside border.

Details of Voltron Quilt


My husband and I are both very nostalgic. We grew up watching Voltron in the 80’s. My husband has the Voltron he used to play with when he was a kid. Now our daughter plays with them. It’s fun watching her play with something we once loved.

Quilted Details

Quilted Details

The Crest

The Crest

Voltron Quilt

It was so much fun giving it to Kevin. Now I just need to get a photo of him using it!

This is #3 on my Quarter 1 FAL list

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