Magenta, Grey and Aqua Triangle Quilt: WIP

Riley's Quilt

Doing A Lot of NOTHING

Remember the incredibly productive week I had last week?  Those were the days, that was a good week.  This week I have fallen flat on my face.  It’s Wednesday and I have yet to do much of anything but play with scraps and order more fabric.  I was sick yesterday, blah.  That being said, I got absolutely nothing done. This week has been hard because I want so very badly to be creative and start the quilts that are in my brain! I keep telling myself if I get the other projects done then I can start something new. I’ve been fighting with myself all week. 

Making Binding


Today I’m working on getting this triangle quilt basted and the binding made. Seriously though, after this project is done I’m starting something new!!


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2 thoughts on “Magenta, Grey and Aqua Triangle Quilt: WIP

  1. Melanie says:

    Know the feeling. Was starting really good this year sewing and blogging wise and now I was sick again. Third cold in three month 😦

    But you are in the last stretch already. Thumbs up! No beating yourself up. Sending you some motivation to enjoy finishing 🙂


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