Lovely Hexagon Quilt- Finish it up Friday

Hexagon Jewels Quilt

Hexagon jewels

This may come as a shock to most of you… I love triangle quilts! I also love hexagons. Love may not be the word, obsessed would describe it a lot more accurately! So I made a quilt combining the two! It is perfect! Bright, colorful and scrappy is just the way I like my quilts. In fact I liked it so much I made two!

Hexagon Jewels

I actually got the pleasure to make these for a friends daughter’s. They are getting a bedroom makeover! Their quilts are the center piece for the color scheme. It will be such a fun girls room. I can’t wait to show you the finished bedroom!

Hexagon Jewels

The quilts are identical on the front. The triangles are grouped together in colors making a hexagon out of six triangles.

Hexagon Jewel


There are 40 different fabrics making up this quilt! And in case you are wondering it took me the good part of two days to cut fabric! Which was fine because I am in love with these fabrics! Most of the fabrics are Canyon by Kate Spain For Moda. She just keeps coming up with these fabrics that I can’t live without! I love them so much… I sound like I’m getting a paid endorsement!

Since these are going to two very different girls they had to be unique but still look great with each other. We decided to use different colors for the backing in the same fabric. One is done in white and the other is in the grey colorway. We changed up the binding color on each one as well and we echoed the quilting in the same color thread as the binding. To personalize it  I  embroidered their names in the corner.

Hexagon Jewel Finley Marie

Hexagon Jewel


I am really excited to see the finished room.

And this is my second finish of the year & #2of the quarter!! I’m on fire!!  This is on my Q1 list for the 2017 FAL

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