Getting Back on Track in 2017

My Family

Leaving 2016 Behind

Here goes my first goal of the year, blogging. This year I have been through a lot. I stopped blogging after several major events happened in my life. I lost my mom in June. It was sudden and unexpected. I lost more than just my mom, I lost my best friend. I can’t even tell you how devastated I am.

This is one of my favorite pic of my mom with my kids. Circa 1999

This is one of my favorite pic of my mom with my kids. Circa 1999

Then a short few months later we lost my Father-in-Law after his struggle for the last few years. He was loved by everyone who knew him and will be missed every day.

My Father-in-law with my nephew Rocco. Circa 2014

My Father-in-law with my nephew Rocco. Circa 2014


My Marine and his sister Ari on family day. First time in 13 weeks that we got to see him.

My Marine and his sister Ari on family day. First time seeing him in 13 weeks.

Just when I thought I couldn’t handle any more change my son joined the Marines. I have had to get used to him being gone and not being able to see or talk to him.












With all this happening we also lost our beloved furry family member Winston. He was sixteen so not completely unexpected but it was still a hard hit to my heart. Needless to say, I’ve been having a hard time pulling it together.

Lovable old Winston

Lovable old Winston

It has been the toughest six months of my life. Quilting seemed more of a chore than something I loved to do. I was in a rut from quilting, crafting and life. I didn’t push myself, instead stopped quilting and just let it go for a while. Slowly, over the last few months I wanted to start again. When I did it made me feel very content and let me focus on something other than the sadness and change all around me. I’m not saying I don’t have my days and weeks where I just can’t bring myself to do any quilting at all but I feel that it is still in my blood. Slowly it has started to feel fun again.

This year I’m going to give it my top priority to get back into the swing of things! I hope to blog every week, quilt as much as I can, and give my Etsy shop new items often. I’m even going to try my hand at writing quilt patterns, (I’m not sure how that will go). I also will be joining the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild. I’ve never been a part of a guild so I look forward to having quilting friends.

I know I would have not made it through this year without the help of my family and friends. I am lucky to have each and every one of them in my life! This year I look forward to reconnecting with my blogging quilting family. Here’s to a better year and new opportunities!

Go Create Something Amazing,



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