Butterfly Quilt: A Finished Quilt

Beautiful Butterfly Quilt

This was one of my first quilts I made when I opened my ETSY shop. I haven’t made one in a long while so it was fun to work with these Batik fabrics again. It will be the last one I make because the fabrics are no longer available & I have used up my stash. It feels so good to use up my stash!

This lovely little quilt is made for a crib. It was a custom order that measures 36 x 46. Each of the squares measures 3 1/2 inches across. With a 1/2 inch in between the squares in both directions.

Butterfly Baby Quilt

It is different from my usual style of quilting because it is a Ticker Tape style. Which means the fabric are placed on the fabric and then stitched on top. It was fun changing it up and doing something completely different. And I still love these fabrics! The butterflies are just adorable.

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