My Favorite Quilt: Finished Quilt

Coral and Gray Triangle Quilt

A Lovely Triangle Quilt

It has been a while since I posted! I fell off the blogging wagon, so to speak. I’m finding it very hard to juggle all the posting, quilting, social media updates & keeping my family happy! Kudos to those of you that can manage all of it! I never gave you enough credit before I attempted it myself. I have been one busy Mom!


I have finished 4 projects this month!! That’s right, you heard me correctly… Three of them being quilts and one pillow. I’m a little astonished myself. I think I may be finally getting faster at this! I will be posting them separately so I can get credit in my quarter one finishes!!


This first finish is one I have made before and one of my best sellers on Etsy. Sadly the fabric is from a collection that has been out for several years & very tough to find. And My stash of them is almost out. I may be able to get one more squeezed out of what I have and then I have to say goodbye to my favorite triangle quilt. Not to mention I am a bit sick of making it anyway (I have made two since the start of the new year!).

Quilt ready to ship

I do have a BUNCH of scraps from these quilts so I will have to try to come up with something clever to use them on!

Go Create Something Amazing,





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