Starting Oliver’s Orange Quilt: WIP


Oliver’s Quilt

I don’t have a lot of time if I want to get this done before Oliver makes his debut into the world! And his nursery is looking a little incomplete without a quilt on his bed! Loren and Steve decided to do a Dr. Suess theme in the babies room with orange, blue and gray color scheme.    Loren is probably the easiest person ever when it comes to the quilt she wants! She gave me LOTS of freedom! Which I love because then I can be creative!

Oliver's Baby Quilt

I decided I really like the Raspberry Kiss quilt I have seen on The Wooden Spool started with that! I am still working out the details to the quilt.

Modern Baby Quilt

Part of me wants to change it up and make a border of little x’s all the way around the quilt. But I love the way it looks right now as well! Ugh, I’m terrible at decisions! Any way I’m loving the colors and can’t wait to see little Oliver snuggled up in his quilt!

antique irons

Bonus question: Anyone know what the antique on top of the book is?

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