Add a Little Color Quilt: WIP

Add A Little Color QuiltI’m Loving It!

This new fabric from V and Co. is so cute! I am having so much fun cutting into it. Very addictive to make these little plus signs out of them. I am very much enjoying stitching them together with no seems to line up… seriously easy, right? I decided to use every color way from The Simply Colorful II Fabric from V and Co. I’m going to put them all together in this quilt.

Add a Little Color Quilt

Each of these blocks is an unfinished 5 x 5. I haven’t decided if I will turn them into X quilt or leave them as plus signs. The good news is I may have enough fabric to do both!!

Add a Little Color Quilt


I also need to pick my favorite fabric for the backing. Yikes this is going to be hard! I may do strip piecing on the back so I can use all my fabric up! I bought way too much fabric, nothing new! I’m finding it hard to decide on anything this morning. What do you think, strip pieced or one of the coordinating fabrics for the backing?


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2 thoughts on “Add a Little Color Quilt: WIP

  1. Barbara Konkle says:

    That is a tough choice! Hmm, if you have the fabric left strip piecing sounds amazing! I love a quilt that you can never decide which side you want to show off more! Those are gorgeous fabrics too! This is going to be beautiful!

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