White, Gold and Mint Triangle Quilt: A Finished Quilt


A Lovely Finish & a Pat on the Back

Well it’s done! I think I said it would be done several weeks ago… oops! Oh well, it’s done now! And it is really lovely! When you buy fabric and put them together you are never sure how it will come out. As a quilter, we take risks that the money we spend on materials will be worth it and that we will love the finished quilt. This is one of those moments when I look at the finished product and think, ‘Wow, I did a great job!’

Mint, Gold & White Triangle Quilt

I don’t often say that about my own work. Usually I am raving about someone else’s quilts. But we should. Think about it… we are the designer & creator of everything we make. We take hours upon hours making sure it is perfect for its forever home. It’s in every little detail that give it character and make it special. With an infinite amount of choices we made THIS quilt. We are ever so lucky to be able to express ourselves through our craft. Each quilt is a great accomplishment!

Gold, Mint & White Triangle Quilt

So don’t forget to look at your quilt today, WIP or finished and give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it!

Go Create Something Amazing,


Linking up to: The Quilter’s Table for Q1 finishes.


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