Adding Prairie Points: WIP and A Tutorial

Boo to You II: Work Still in Progress


Adding Prairie Points: A Tutorial

I thought I was all done with the Boo to You Quilt, then I had a lightbulb moment! I knew I really didn’t like how small it was and wanted to add a border. Sitting next to me was a huge stack of squares from the charm packs I used for this project. So I have decided to  add some prairie points along the border. Or alligator teeth as my daughter calls them.

I started out with my 5 inch charm squares.

5 inch Charm Square

I folded them diagonally. Wrong sides together, so the front is showing. Then pressed it with my iron.

5 inch Charm Square Folded in Half

I then folded it in half again. and pressed again. Nice perfect triangle. And raw fabric edges only on one side! Yay!!


5 inch Charm Squared Folded into a Prairie Point

I was concerned because these have a good size opening on the side. They are 2.5 inches at this stage.

Edges of the Prairie point

I know that I plan on having them 3D on the quilt. In other words I’m not going to quilt on top of them. So I really want them to hold their shape. So I have taken each ironed triangle and stitched the point. So to be clear, I sewed the two sides with the nice finished edges. The one side with the raw edges is on the bottom and doesn’t need to be sewn.

Stitching Prairie Points

The bottom doesn’t need to be sewn together because it will be attached to the quilt at that edge.

Sewn Prairie Point

On the quilt I’ve added the first two borders. You can add as many or as few as you would like. My mission was to make the quilt a lot bigger. I wanted to make a lap size quilt, so I added 3 altogether!

Boo to You Border

Before sewing on the last border you will need to pin your triangle prairie points along the edge of the quilt, with the raw edge (side you didn’t sew) lined up with the edge of the quilt. I decided to echo the colors of the chevrons of the quilt. Plus I get to use the black Boo Crew prints in the charm pack I hadn’t used! YAY!

I overlapped them 1/4 inch on top of each other. This way when I sew them to the quilt they will be right next to each other. Pin, pin, pin. I know, we all hate pinning! But this is one of those things…Blah!!

Line up the Prairie Points

Now, all you do is place your last border fabric on top of the pinned triangles; right sides together of course. Now sew that last border on.

Finished Prairie Point

That’s it! Super simple! And the effect afterwards is adorable! This really is the highlight of this quilt!

Prairie Points

Boo to You Quilt

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