Colorful Hexagon Owl Quilt: A Finished Quilt

Hexagon Quilt

The Big Finish

I am very proud to announce that I finished my very fun and colorful owl quilt! I can’t actually believe it’s done! It was an absolute blast to make! Probably because I was constantly using new fabrics because it’s so scrappy. I will definitely be making another one. Maybe not quite so colorful; I have so many ideas in my head!!

Owl Timeless Treasures Fabric

Each of these hexagons was made by hand with the english paper method. Then I put Heat and Bond Lite on the back and ironed them down onto my white background. Next time I will draw a grid on the fabric to make placing them a bit easier! Then I simply quilted from each corner of the quilt.

Quilting on The Hexagon Quilt

The lines intersected in the middle of each hexagon. It also left a charming triangle pattern on the back.

Quilted Triangles

Folded Quilt

What I wasn’t expecting was how stiff it would be when it was all quilted. It honestly could be a wall hanging! Maybe all that Heat and Bond will wash off… I don’t have a lot of experience with it. Hopefully it will soften up in the wash!? I am going to throw it in the wash (with a color catcher) and hope for the best!

Statistics:    ~ measures 33 x 41                                                                                                                                                            ~280 hexagon                                                                                                                                                                      ~each measure 2.5 inches from point to point                                                                                                        ~139 different fabrics

Hexagon Quilt

I’m really glad I went with the pink stripe for the binding. It finished it off in a fun way.

Owl Fabric

I love these owls! I could just make this quilt over and over again!

Hexagon Owl Quilt

This quilt is off to its new home with baby Sadie. If you are interesting in having a custom one made for you contact me at my Etsy Shop or by Email.

Go Create Something Amazing,


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7 thoughts on “Colorful Hexagon Owl Quilt: A Finished Quilt

  1. Quilting Babcia says:

    It’s a beautiful quilt and you’ve finished it wonderfully! I don’t have any experience with the heat and bond myself, but it sounds like it should soften up a bit after washing (maybe several washings). If not, you still have a gorgeous, graphic wall hanging!


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