UFO Pile Be Gone!

So Many Projects, So Little Time!

Well, I’ve decided to take inventory of my WIP. I know I have way too many going right now! So maybe making a list and checking them off will help me complete them… It’s worth a try either way! So sit back and be amazed that one quilter can have this many WIP at one time… Actually grab a cup of coffee & pillow!

1. Mint & Gold Triangle QuiltI am just working on the hand sewn binding on this one. I hope to have it done by this weeks Finish it up Friday!                                           

2. Mint & Gold Triangle Quilted Pillow 18 x 18: This one is almost finished as well, I may have a double finish this week! As long as I can get that binding on there quick!

Quilt Sample

Quilt Sample

3. Boo To You Halloween Quilt: The chevrons are all sewn together but it seems too small so I would like to add a border, then quilt & bind it!

Boo to You Quilt

4. Hexagon Owl Quilt: Yep still working on this little gem! I would love to get it done before next week for Scraptastic Tuesday. (This may be a pipe dream)                                      

5. Postage Stamp Quilt: Still in pieces. I have half of it pieced together.                                  Postage Stamp Quilt

6. Voltron Quilt: This is for my husband, designed by my husband. He has been waiting forever for it! I need to add a border & finish the appliqué letters before it can be quilted and bound.                                                                                                                                 Voltron Quilt

7. Pink Butterflies: This is a reverse appliqué butterfly quilt for my daughter. I need to piece the pink together. After that I’m blank, I’ve hit a wall! Which means, I have it in my head what it will look like but I’m nervous to proceed! Wish me luck on this one!                 IMG_4019

8. Orange Dream Quilt: This is all pieced, Yay! On to the quilting. It will be my first long-arm project! Now I just need to find time! This has been in the UFO pile for about two years!                                                                             Orange Dream Quilt

9. Navy Blue HST Quilted Pillow Case: This was the practice for a quilt. I don’t love it for a quilt so it will become a pillow!                                                                                                                       HST Navy Blue Quilt

10. A New Beginning: This is the navy blue HST Quilt that turned into a zigzag quilt. I have a lot of the fabric cut and pieced into HST.

Sketch of a chevron quilt

Sketch of a chevron quilt

11. Shabby Chic Yellow Plus Quilt: The name may change on this one! I’m still picking stitches from my fail on this one! Hopefully soon I can quilt it AGAIN & bind!                           Quilt Fail

12.  Yellow Triangle Quilt: All the triangles are cut & waiting to be pieced together!                                                                                                                                                     13. Yellow Triangle Pillow Case: A quilted pillow to match the quilt.                                Yellow Triangle Quilt

14. Coral & Grey Triangle quilt: All cut and waiting to be pieced together! I do have 1 fabric I can’t find so I am looking for a replacement.                                                                       Coral and Grey Triangle Quilt

15. Shabby Chic Yellow Plus Pillow Covers x2: These are going to match the quilt. I have half of the blocks pieced together.

Scrappy Yellow Plus

16. Turquoise, Green & grey HST quilt: This has been in the UFO pile forever! Do I love it… Nope not so much! I just need to finish it & get it out of here!                                      Turquoise, Lime Green & Grey Quilt

17. Flying Geese and Flowers: This fabric just arrived and I can’t wait to start on my first Flying Geese quilt.                                                                                                                         Flowers & Flying Geese

18. Half Rectangle Quilt: I haven’t started cutting yet but I’m super excited about this one! I keep telling myself soon…                                                                                                                    Half Rectangle Quilt


19. Yellow and Grey Quilted Pillow: It is all pieced & quilted. I just need to add the backing & binding.                                                                                                                                  Little details of the Grey and Yellow Quilt

20. Little Space Man Quilt: This may have to go through a name change, but first it has to get completed. I know I’m doing a square in square quilt with these fabrics. I’m still debating on which blue to use!

Little Space Man Quilt

Little Space Man Quilt

21. A Walk in the Jungle for Isaiah: This is all pieced together, it just needs to be quilted and bound.A Walk in the Jungle for Isaiah

22. Ocean Breeze Quilted Pillow: I just discovered I have enough fabric to make about 12 pillow cases! Ha! But I will settle for getting one done. I will have to find a use  all this fabric.

Ocean Breeze Pillow

There you have it! My very extensive UFO pile. What is even more embarrassing is I have more hidden away… Shhhh, don’t tell my husband!

Go Create Something Amazing,


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10 thoughts on “UFO Pile Be Gone!

  1. heulwenprice says:

    Wow, I love the fabric choices for all your projects! Just delicious. 🙂 Very brave of you to go through your WIPs, I think I’d have a nervous breakdown if I listed all mine, lol!


    • Kara Zevchik says:

      Thank you, picking the fabrics is my favorite part. Actually, I did have a bit of a panic attack at first (LOL)! But now I just feel super motivated to get them done. And it helped me to clean up my quilting room!!!


  2. Sarah Z says:

    Okay that is an amazing pile of projects! You GO get them all done so we can see them!!!! Quick now, go on!!!!! 😀 With 22 in the line up you would be almost a shoo in for some of the prizes, eh?! Seriously, you have some real beauties going on…good luck with each of them!!!


  3. Cathy Smith says:

    You have some amazing projects in the works here. Very brave to list them out. I’m kinda scared to do it myself. I must have 30 just trying to get to the completed “top” stage, not to mention the waiting to be quilted stage. *sighs* But you’re kinda making me feel like I should take an inventory.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lynn White says:

    Thanks for sharing your list – I love the colours of navy and white and numbers 5 and 16. I think sometimes we just get too familiar with them as we work with them. Keep going, its a great feeling to cross them off one by one. I made a list of 12 in May- its now down to six (sharing my latest tomorrow I hope!).


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