The Littlest Bunny Baby Quilt- A Finished Quilt

The Littlest Bunny Baby Quilt- A Finished Quilt

Littlest Bunny Quilt

Littlest Bunny Quilt

When I saw this fabric I knew it would be a perfect baby quilt. I was right, it is absolutely adorable. Art Gallery Fabric has done it again with this line of fabric.

I had to think of cute and unique design for this one. Something that highlights the cute bunnies on the fabric. So I measured the bunnies and found that most of them measured within 2 1/2 inches. From there it was easy to decide to make 3 inch squares, which would allow for seam allowances. This way I could fussy-cut them and include them on the front of my quilt.

Pink Flowers

My only problem was the two bunnies that I loved the most could not be cut down to 2 1/2 inches( I tried and it just looked terrible).  So I decided to have them be the focal point of this quilt. I cut them out in a 5 1/2 inch block and decided to make a star around them in a solid mint green. Bunny Star

With flying geese pointing in the same direction. I love how they really draw your attention to the adorable bunnies!

Flying Geese and Bunny Star

Flying Geese

I had a hard time deciding on fabric for this quilt. I had bought the fabric a while ago and had continued to buy more fabrics that would match along the way. I ended up with 30 to choose from! Yep, 30! It was a bit daunting to try to weed out the ones that didn’t match. I knew I wanted low volume, soft colors. In the end, I used 20 different prints.

Littlest Bunny Baby Quilt

I had an incredibly hard time deciding between mint green or mauve for the flying geese, star and binding. Since mint is my favorite color right now, (and I didn’t have enough of the mauve without going to the quilt shop) I went with the mint green.

Sunshine Kwilts Tag

Littlest Bunny Quilt Backing

Littlest Bunny Quilt Backing

It came out beautiful! I love the effect of the flying geese pointing out the adorable little bunnies! This quilt is now for sale at my Etsy shop.

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