Hexagon Owl Quilt: WIP

Hexagon Quilt: Work in Progress

Colorful Hexagons

Colorful Hexagons

When I first thought of making a hexagon quilt I thought I would be working on it forever! Wow, was I wrong! Who knew I would love making these little guys so much! I can’t stop playing with them and adding different fabrics and colors! It’s great because I can work on them anywhere. Even the carpool line when I’m picking up my daughter from school!

Scrappy Hexagon Quilt

Scrappy Hexagon Quilt

This is really scrappy, over 50 fabrics so far! The crazy part is I’m only half way done making them! I’m doing a great job of cleaning out my scraps! Some of these fabrics date back 10+ years!! I love that I am putting them in a quilt that is so much fun and colorful.

Timeless Treasures Fabric

Timeless Treasures Fabric

For the backing I found a cute owl fabric from Timeless Treasures. It has 15 different colors in it, so I can play with at least that many on the front. I’m having a hard time with which fabric to use as a binding. It’s between the blue or purple stripe. So I’m going to wait until it is all quilted together before I decide.

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