A Bunny Pillow Finish

Just In Time for easter

I have a lovely finish to show you today. These little bunnies are so adorable, so I decided to make a pillow to match The Littlest Bunny Quilt I made some time back. This fabric just speaks to me with its low volume goodness. The fabrics for this quilt and pillow were so easy to pick out, so many different fabric lines matched, so whatever I had I put in there. There are at least 25 different fabrics.

This is a 12×16  pillow cover. I had to play with the placement of the geese blocks to get them to look right but in the end I love where I put them!



I went a little crazy and took a million photos and couldn’t decide what to leave out. So this post is full of a few more photos then usual, I’m sure you won’t mind.

Happy Easter everyone.

Go Create Something Quilty,



This is the 2nd finish for the FAL Q2

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6 Scrap Busting Projects At Once

Scrappy Love

In honor of Scraptastic Tuesday I thought I would show you my six new scrappy projects. I have been organizing and sorting my scraps, which has made me want to play with them and use them up. When I did my owl hexagon quilt it didn’t even make a dent in the amount I have. So as I sort I am either sewing them together or ironing on a template for EPP.

My first project is my confetti quilt. I have so many irregular scraps from my triangle quilts that I needed something to use these little pieces up. My scraps are all different sizes so I am going to add a border to these and sew them together. I am trying to only make it out of scraps & no stash fabrics, that way I can use up more.



My second project came into my mind because Easter is only days away. And I felt like working on something that reminds me of Spring. I have so many scraps left of the littlest bunny fabric, but they are very small and barely useable. so I am cutting them up and making them into my favorite shape, hexagons! I’m not going to lie I cannot get enough of the words on these Hexi’s, so adorable.

My third scrapbuster project is a rainbow hexagon quilt. I love bright colors and so I have bright beautiful scraps which are now becoming a hexagon rainbow. I am toying with the idea of making each hexagon a different fabric and having no repeats in the whole quilt. And yes, I do have that many scraps that I think I could pull it off! These are tiny 1/2 inch hexi’s.

And on to number four, which is my navy blue and fuchsia hexagons. Still no clue what I’m doing with these. This one is growing fast. I seem to be concentrating on this the most. It’s fun for me to see all of my pink  blue scraps disappear. I want to do some swirl quilt pattern with these. I know I will be playing with them on the plane to New York this weekend.



My number 5 is actually the cutest little plus signs. It is so great to get rid of strips of scraps that are 1 1/2 inches wide.

And last but not least is my number 6. It is a second version of Sadie’s quilt. Obviously this will be different from the last because of the scraps I have. But it will echo the same colors just different fabrics.


I would love to throw a log cabin in there but I’m thinking that might be too much, so I’ll just stick with these for now. As soon as I’m done organizing all  my scraps I will show you my method for keeping my fabric “collecting” under control!

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Riley’s Finished Quilt

a very long time in the making

This one has been a work in progress for a little over a year to be exact! But the important thing was that I get it done for her birthday, and I did! Sometimes you just need motivation of a deadline to get things done. I have found I work a lot better with one, I seem to stay on task better. Continue reading

UFO Pile Be Gone Q2-2017

A Few More Wips Added to my list

I found myself adding to my WIP pile not making it smaller. But that’s okay with me because I’m excited about all of these new projects! I have become really obsessed with English Paper Piecing, so I’m just making a million hexi’s. I love them so much, especially my 1/2 inch ones. They are the cutest thing ever! Okay so on with my list! Continue reading

A Quilt for My Marine

Do something you love and understand

This is a special quilt for Cole.  I’m so proud of my son.  He knew he wanted to be a Marine at age eight.  As a mother it’s hard to know he may be in harms way.  He’s my baby, not a soldier.  When he left this fall it was a wakeup call for me to realize he was grown up and off to live his life.  The hardest part of being a parent is letting your children grow up, but I’ll try. Continue reading

Voltron: A Finished Quilt for my Husband

Voltron Quilt

The Most important quilt I’ve ever made

That about sums up how I feel about this Voltron quilt.  Kevin has [not] been patiently waiting for almost five years for this quilt.  It started with something he had sketched out saying how it would be a great quilt.  And me giving him the look.  You know the one that says you’re crazy.  I had been quilting for a long time but I don’t venture past my comfort zone very often.  This time I did, for him.  No pattern just me making it up as I go. Continue reading

Magenta, Grey and Aqua Triangle Quilt: WIP

Riley's Quilt

Doing A Lot of NOTHING

Remember the incredibly productive week I had last week?  Those were the days, that was a good week.  This week I have fallen flat on my face.  It’s Wednesday and I have yet to do much of anything but play with scraps and order more fabric.  I was sick yesterday, blah.  That being said, I got absolutely nothing done. This week has been hard because I want so very badly to be creative and start the quilts that are in my brain! I keep telling myself if I get the other projects done then I can start something new. I’ve been fighting with myself all week.  Continue reading